Child Study Team

  • The Lumberton School District provides the services of its Child Study Team to assist in the identification, evaluation. determination of eligibility and development and monitoring of special education programs and placements.

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    The Child Study Team consists of a school psychologist, a learning disabilities teacher-consultant, a school social worker, and in some cases a speech & language specialist.

    1. The School Psychologist determines a child’s intellectual and emotional functioning.
    2. The Learning Disabilities Teacher-Consultant assesses a child’s academic levels, learning strengths and needs, and helps develop instructional strategies.
    3. The School Social Worker evaluates a child’s developmental history and home environment, and acts as a liaison between the school, the home and the community.
    4. The Speech & Language Specialist assesses the child’s communication abilities and provides services in the appropriate areas.
    5. Other specialists such as physicians, psychiatrists, neurologists, counselors and school nurses can be called upon, as needed, to assist in the evaluation and planning process.

    The Child Study Team also provides preventative and support services to non-disabled students. Team members act as consultants to the general education staff regarding techniques, materials, and programs for students experiencing difficulties in learning.

    A Child Study Team member is designated and serves as the case manager for each student with a disability. The case manager is knowledgeable regarding the student’s educational needs and program. He/She coordinates the development, monitoring and evaluation of the effectiveness of the Individualized Education Program. The case manager helps facilitate communication between home and school and coordinates the annual review and reevaluation process.

    If you have concerns about a student’s scholastic performance and progress, you can ask for the Child Study Team’s assistance by contacting the student’s teacher(s), the school administration, or the Child Study Team. To contact the Child Study Team either e-mail us by using the links above or call our main phone number (609) 267-9099.