GT3 UNLESS Project

Dear Lumberton Parents and Guardians,

Bobby’s Run School’s GT-3 class needs your help! GT-3 is participating in a “reduce waste” program and will be visiting the Philadelphia Zoo as part of the “Unless Project.” The class would like to collect as many used cell phones as possible to take with them to help in the zoo’s efforts to save endangered gorillas.

How does recycling cell phone save endangered gorillas? Coltan is the mineral that is used to make cell phones and other small devices run faster and longer, and 80% of the world’s supply of coltan is found in prime gorilla habitat. However, the mining of coltan is destroying that habitat. In order to mine coltan, miners have to cut down trees, dig up the earth all around and filter through the coltan that they need, so gorillas are forced to flee their homes in hopes of finding a safe place that hasn’t already been destroyed by miners.

Recycling old mobile phones helps reduce the demand for coltan and protects gorilla habitat in Africa. If you have a cell phone in a junk drawer in your house, stationed somewhere in the garage collecting dust, or even if the kids are using it as a toy, send it in to the main office of your child’s school and the GT-3 class will gladly take it off of your hands!


Thank you,
Lumberton Township School District