Summer Learning

  • To help promote and support learning over the Summer months, the district has created a Summer Learning Portal for your family to access. The idea is to help slow the “summer slide” by providing a variety of optional grade appropriate programs and activities for your child to practice and learn from. The portal is brimming with free learning resources that are broken down by grade level and focus area. The goal is to make the Summer Learning Portal a one stop for your summer learning needs. In consideration of the many needs of our district’s families, there is also practical information from our various support programs and services. The link to the Summer Learning Portal can be found on the district website and below.

    With or without the Summer Learning Portal, below are just a few ways to keep learning alive in the summer.

    • Make learning a part of everyday life. Use trips in the car to review math facts, listen to audio books, or discuss geography!
    • Keep a summer journal. Using your smartphone or tablet, work with your child to take pictures throughout the week and then write a short paragraph about what happened.
    • Make reading a family affair. Grab a book and head to a park for a reading picnic. Read books aloud taking turns being the reader. Together, read a book that has been turned into a movie, watch the film adaptation of the book, and talk about the similarities and differences.
    • Have your child work on activities before meals and discuss what they learned at the table.
    • Soak in the science around you. Make observations about summer weather patterns, lightning bugs, and summer sounds.
    • Cloud watch and make up stories. Better yet, take pictures of the clouds and illustrate them!
    • Keep a fitness log. Challenge each other to beat goals related to blocks walked, streets biked, or laps swum.
    • Keep learning fun by encouraging and rewarding your child for their efforts in completing goals or activities.

    We hope that you find the Summer Learning Portal as an invaluable resource in supporting your child’s learning throughout the summer months. Thank you for your continued support and partnership. Be safe and enjoy the summer!


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