Bobby's run school

Bobby's Run School (4-5)

The Bobby's Run School educates students in fourth and fifth grade under the leadership of Mr. Scott Heino.  It is located at 32 Dimsdale Drive in Lumberton (08048).  The main office phone number is 609-702-5555 and the fax number is 609-702-1463.

The school nurse is Mrs. Kathleen Barbieri and she can be reached at 609-702-5555 extension 3820 or  Her website can be found here: Guidance counselors can be reached at 609-702-5555 extension 3807 (Mrs. Renee Carfagno / Grade 4) and 609-265-0123 extension 3613 (Mr. Rob DiGiacomo / Grade 5). 

HIB: Mr. Robert DiGiacomo and Ms. Rene Carfagno are also the The Anti-Bullying Specialists for BRS. They can be reached at and in additon to the mailing address and phone number above. The District Anti-Bullying Coordinator is Ms. Donnamarie Wojtko and she can be reached at Ashbrook Elementary School, 33 Municipal Drive, Lumberton, NJ (609-518-0030).

The district HIB policy can be accessed HERE. The official 2012-13 District/Schools Self-Assessment for Determining Grades as determined under the Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights Act (ABR) (P.L.2010, c.122) can be found HERE. “While completing the Self-Assessment, we learned that our school district/schools have demonstrated strengths in the following area: Character Education.  Each of our four principals gave a comprehensive review of these programs at the February 27, 2014 Board of Education Meeting.”

The BRS cafeteria number is 609-702-5555 extension 3912.  The Staff Directory can be found at the following location:  Enrollment information can be found at

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