A poem and video by Autumn Mascali LMS Grade 8

Though the change from day-to-day seems like nothing but play.
Our days are not done.
Our battle is yet to be won.
Boredom will cast and reign with terror.
The fun stopping will not be in error.
Yet, it gives us time to sit in peace.
The stress we hold will not just freeze.
And I might have fun running in the breeze.
I stop and remember I must stay six feet away at least.
But, gloom not all.
Oh no the sun will not dull.
We must remember as we go along.
That life is like the sweetest song.
And even when everything seems like it’s going wrong.
We must hold our ground and stay strong.
The fun might stop, but not for long.
So why don’t we go outside and play some ping-pong.
or painting the Day as the sun moves along.
Because though this might seem to last forever.
It is not life-long, So we must never lose our pleasure.